Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build other wheel sizes, or just 29"?

Yes! I build 26", 650b, full fat, mid fat, B+, 29+, and just about every other wheel size out there.

So, uhh, how does this work?

My job is to take all of your needs and wants (in many cases, carefully distinguishing between the two) and match them to the right rims, hubs, spokes, and lacing pattern to get you the most durable and lively wheelset that I can.

So the first thing that needs to happen is you need to spend a few minutes filling out my info form as completely as you can. If there's a detail that I didn't ask about that you think is important, please type it into the 'additional info' box at the bottom right of the form.

I'll respond with a suggested build quote and price as soon as possible. Please look that over and give it some thought, then don't hesitate with questions.

Once you decide to move forward, full payment is required before I can start on your wheels. Payment via PayPal is easiest, but I'm happy to take a cashier's check or money order if that's what you feel most comfortable with.

Once we've agreed on the right components I can concentrate on proper lubrication, appropriate lacing, precision truing, just-the-right-amount of stress relief, and balancing the tension. A few days later your wheels will arrive at your door, professionally packed and insured for their full value against damage in transit.

Will you build with chinese carbon rims?

I've built a few hundred of the Nextie and Light Bicycle rims. By and large I like the width, the weight, and the tubeless interface.

That said, I'm no longer willing to provide the Nextie (or LB) rims, as I'm simply not having good long-term experiences with those companies. Better than 75% of the builds I've done with their rims have turned out great, but the ones that haven't have gone *really* bad. That happens to any company, sure, but customer service is awful to non-existent with these guys, and that means that even if I've done everything right, I still get some egg on my face.

So if you'd like to supply the rims I'll take care of the rest.

Can I call you to discuss my wheelset?

I’m aware that many people would prefer to call to get answers and place an order over the phone.

I prefer to keep all correspondence via email. Why email, you ask?

There are a few reasons why I do it differently. First, every time the phone rings I have to stop the build I’m working on. I prefer to build each wheel start to finish without interruption because I can get into a rhythm and work more efficiently that way. And as groovy as it sounds, I can get a better feel for how the wheel is coming up to tension and if any potential problems are lurking beneath the surface. From your perspective, this can only be a good thing.

But more importantly is that I get so many queries about weights, prices, colors, availability, tubeless, etc… that after a very short time (about 9:45 every Monday AM) all of the pending builds run together in my brain. If I tell you something (price quote, wheel weight, rim availability, etc…) on the phone, I may or may not remember it when it comes time to build your wheels. Conversely, if we use email to correspond, I’ll refer back to that email string when I sit down to build your wheels. That means far, far less chance of you accidentally ending up with purple anodized nipples on your dream machine. Not that there’s anything wrong with purple nips!

Can I send in my own hubs or rims to be built?

Iím happy to lace your existing hubs into a new wheelset.† Hubs do NOT need to be brand-spankiní new to be reused in a wheelset, but it certainly helps if theyíve been cleaned and regreased before you ship them to me.† A hub with seized bearings may not always be salvageable, and itís better to find out before I spend a few hours building them into a wheelset.† If youíd like to send in rims to be laced, Iím happy to use them provided they are NEW.† To be clear, I wonít relace used rims, and I do NOT reuse spokes.

Do you rebuild/repack/service hubs?

Sorry, no.† My wheelbuild queue is always longer than Iíd like, and I need to focus my limited time on what I do best.† Most hubs can be easily repacked with basic tools, and the task of learning how to do this is not only rewarding but kinda fun for those that like to tinker.† If you feel that you donít have the aptitude, time, or tools to do it on your own, your local bike shop would love to help.

Do you need my rotors, cassette, and skewers to build around my hubs?

No! †In fact, please do not send any of the above with your hubs! †Please send the hubs and only the hubs to be built.† I have thru-axle adapters, skewers, and thru-bolts for just about every hub out there.

Iíve heard that alloy nipples suck, and that you have to use straight gauge spokes to build a stiff wheel.

There are lots of myths being perpetuated in the wheelbuilding world.† Some of them hold water, most of them do not.† The simple fact is that materials and manufacturing processes change and usually improve over time.† Brass nips and straight gauge spokes are appropriate in many cases, but they are not a blanket solution.† What will work best for you is easy to determineófill out my info form as completely as you can and Iíll take it from there.

What if I already know exactly what I want?

Iím happy to build your wheels exactly as you specify. Please send an email with the finer details of what youíre looking for. Iíll respond ASAP with a price quote and estimated time to complete. If you have any uncertainty at all about your build, please fill out the entire info form so that we can get it right. Thanks!